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  • Home (5x5)
    With almost 5 cubic meters of space, these small-sized units are great for large closet items like seasonal items, garden tools, boxed business files or office supplies.
  • Home (10x10)
    Maybe you're moving from a small apartment into your first home, but you need a few months to store your stuff before your house is finished being built. The contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms can fit in this unit with over 10 cubic meters of space.
  • Home (10x20)
    Over 20 cubic meters of storage space will easily store the contents of a growing families 5 bedroom house. This unit can store larger items like refrigerators, dining tables, chairs, washers, dryers and several large boxes.
  • Office (5x5)
    If you're looking for a solution to rid your office of extra equipment and give yourself a little more space to move around in, then this 4 cubic meter unit is perfect to hold a large office closet full of files, books, office chairs, and a few storage boxes.
  • Office (10x20)
    10 cubic meters of space in the medium size unit will fit an entire office, including desks, chairs, computers and a few storage boxes if stacked in an orderly way. Add your own free-standing shelves for easy access to records.
  • Office (10x30)
    With over 27 cubic meters storage space you can fit many office desks, several large boxes, seasonal storage, a few sets of large storage shelves and a few palettes of inventory into this large unit depending on how high you stack your furniture and how much aisle space you leave in your unit.

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