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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. If I rent a storage unit from you, can my spouse, kids or friend have access, too?

A. When you rent from Locker Locker, you can allow access for other people you specify as long as they also have your access card in hand to get access to your locker (or restrict access only to yourself).

Q. Can I move to another unit if I need more or less space?

A. As your requirements change, you are welcome to move to another different size unit at any time at no extra cost.

Q. If I lose my card, what do I do?

A. Call your LockerLocker customer representative for assistant for a replacement of another card with a reasonable card cost fee.

Q. Do you have handcartsor trolleys I can use at your facilities?

A. Yes. You are welcome to use our complimentary trolleys and pallet jack while you are at LockerLocker for free.

Q. How do I transport my items?

A. When you've got lots of stuff to move, we've got the perfect solution for you. We have deals with many local transportation services companies and van hire, removal and ‘man with a van’ companies to make your moving process as simple for you as possible. Please ask our customer services officer for more details.

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