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      24hrs Enquiry Hotline: 400-688-3638
Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Can I move in today?

A. Yes, a member of our staff will fill in our simple storage agreement with you, and then you can move your goods in straight away. You will need to bring with you a proof of identity (an ID card or a passport); proof of address (recent three months utility bill or bank statement); and payment.

Q. Where can I buy boxes and packing materials?

A. We have everything you need to pack and wrap your belongings safely, securely and without spending a fortune. We offer excellent quality and reasonably priced boxes. Check out our packaging material collections at our facility,or call our hotline on 0755-88851234.

Q. What are the methodsf or payment?

A. We accept Union Pay, other major credit cards and bank debitcards as well as cash.

Q .Who keeps the key?

A. You do. The locking system on your door is secured by a padlock. This padlock is yours and you keep the key.

Q. Does it cost meanything to access my space?

A. No. It does not cost you anything to access your space.

Q. Do I have to sign anagreement when I move in?

A. Yes. When you move into a self-storage space you must sign the Storage Agreement. The Storage Agreement licenses you to occupy the space. The Storage Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which you are granted the license.

Q. Do I need to give you notice when I move out?

AYes, just two weeks prior to the actual move out date.

Q. What is a ministorage /self-storage facility?

A. In a self-storage facility, each customer has a private and secure room that only he / she has the key to. Room size is selected to fit the customer's needs, and the facility is tightly guarded by multiple layers of security. Customers can rent space as small as 2.5m3 and as large as they need on a monthly basis. The flexibility of mini storage makes it ideal for individuals, family and small / medium businesses.

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