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Commercial Storage

I am storing stock or equipment- Whether you need space to store your extra goods, inventory, over run stock or just need more space at your office/factory, LockerLocker can accommodate your needs with various size lockers and storage units. Access to your goods using our brand new, industrial strength lifts makes moving around your goods faster and much easier. We are definitely your complete storage solution.

I need archive or document filing- Keeping older company records can take up a lot of space. We are proud to offer you many different solutions for your documents and any unnecessary office items you don't need at the current time.  

I need office furniture storage- Having too many desks, chairs and tables can make an office look cluttered and untidy.Storing unused office furniture such as filing cabinets, drawers, trade show stands and other unneeded furniture items will leave room in your office for a clean, presentable environment that your customers and staff will enjoy.

Trade show samples and demonstration storage items- Storing your trade show samples, demonstration materials, tables and other materials will give you much needed space in your office. Not having to keep bumping into these items at your office will give you a cleaner, more organized environment for you and your staff to work in.

I need bulk large scale storage- When you are looking for bulk storage space you are looking for a large-scale flexible storage solution that meets your specific business needs. LockerLocker offers a bespoke bulk storage service at a great price. Call us to discuss your specific storage needs.

I have temperature and humidity sensitive items- The hot and humid Shenzhen weather can age and destroy your climate sensitive items. Let us make sure your precious items or stock are kept cool and dry in our climate controlled lockers or storage units. Using Panasonic air conditioners and dehumidifiers, we can assure your goods will be kept at a safe and constant temperature and humidity level.

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