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Secretary Services, Exhibition samples and Online
  1. If you are not in town often enough, we can help you to take calls, send and receive faxes and provide you a first class temporary secretary services, it can be one off case or on a monthly or yearly long term basis.

  2. Based on our pre-agreement, you can send your products directly from your factory to our self-storage facility, we will count the goods for you and deal with your delivery company, and store your goods on your behalf to your prearranged self-storage unit.

  3. If you are storing either your exhibition samples or stock up your online store goods with us, we allow you to set up a mini-storage based products showroom in your own storage unit, and if you give us your authorization and would like us to help you to open the door to show your products to your customers and even demonstrate the products for you, we can certainly help to provide you an outsourced showroom services.

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