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Rental Process

Renting your own self storage unit is as easy as 1-2-3.

1} Check out the facility and pick your best suitable unit size, price and contract terms, bring your ID card or passport with you and sign a simple rental agreement with us,then you can choose either pay by credit or debit card or cash, we will simply issue you your very own intelligent ID recognition digital IC entry card  

2} Move your goods into your unit and purchase your packing boxes and supplies. Our in-house packaging store offers almost everything you need to be sure your goods are safe and protected. We also offer FREE parking as well as complimentary usage of carts, trolleys and pallet jack in our LockerLocker self-storage facility

3} We work together with a few reputable moving transportation companies, if you need, we can introduce them to you to help you to make your moving easily and hassle free.

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