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Customer Feedback
International Trade Products Warehouse发布于 2013-08-10 13:58:49

I needed to store some of my extra inventory. I don’t have a big warehouse and I needed to store a few extra boxes of inventory. I did a search on the internet for self-storage places in Shenzhen and found Locker Locker. I was pleasantly surprised at the modern and clean facilities at Locker Locker. I looked at another place in Shenzhen and found it to be old, dirty and with little security. At Locker Locker, I saw the modern, up to date security system that will protect my stuff while it is being stored. Lawrence helped me out and even assisted me in moving my stuff into my own unit. The rest of the staff seems friendly and I can get access to my stuff almost anytime. Thanks Lawrence and Locker Locker. This service helps me out a lot.

-Sam Collins

Household Items Storage at LockerLocker发布于 2013-08-08 08:10:00

I needed to keep some of my personal belongings in a storage area somewhere in Shenzhen. I travel back to England many times each year and I don’t need a big place to store my goods. I did a google search for Shenzhen self-storage, and found out about Locker Locker. I contacted Robert, who helped me choose the right size unit for my needs. I like the convenience because I can rent for as long as I like, and the prices are much cheaper than in England, and much cheaper than renting a whole apartment when I am now here in Shenzhen.

-Martin S.

Foreign Trade Products Warehouse发布于 2013-08-03 13:38:16

I have a trading company in Shenzhen and only have a very small office space. Many times I have too many sample products that I cannot keep in my small office. A good friend of mine does a similar business but his office is not cluttered and tidy. I asked him what he does with his samples and he told me about a new storage place nearby our offices.

It is very convenient to store my extra sample products at Locker Locker until I need to ship them to my customers. Sometimes I only need to keep them there for a few weeks, but it sure saves me time and space. Sometimes I cannot be at Locker Locker to accept the delivery of my samples that the factory sends me, but that is OK because the staff at Locker Locker will accept my items and keep them safe until I get back to put them in my storage unit.

Now we both have clean, presentable office space.

-Edward T.

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