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Customer Feedback
Goods Temporary Storage Facility at LockerLocker发布于 2013-10-16 16:09:00

I need a place to keep my items in Shenzhen. I contact Locker Locker from the internet. I am happy with my space. It is medium size and cost is cheap. I keep large inventory of boxes and items there. No one else can access my items only me. I have a special card to get in the place and have secret lock on my space.

-Vladimir S.

Great Facility For Wine Storage发布于 2013-09-16 23:29:17

I want to say thanks to the staff at Locker Locker, especially Charlotte. She was extremely helpful and friendly and even arranged a van and driver to help get my stuff to the storage facility. The checking in procedure was fast and efficient. One day I needed to get some items from my unit, but I was running a bit late, but no problem. Michelle stayed late to help me, even beyond regular opening hours. Thanks Locker Locker, I highly recommend you to anyone looking for this service.

-Tim M.

Great Personal Selfstorage Facility发布于 2013-09-11 13:59:15

Thank you so much once again for helping us with this accessing my items at such short notice. The staff at your location are always very friendly and professional and we have nothing but great comments on the service levels and cleanliness of the facility. I never have to worry about my goods and I know they are stored and protected all the time.

-Alice H.

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