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Documents Storage From Shanghai to Shenzhen发布于 2013-11-01 15:00:00

I do some business in Shenzhen but spend most of my time in Shanghai. I need a place to store some office stuff as well as some samples of different products. I didn’t want to rent an office full time; I only need a small space for my items. I checked online and found Locker Locker providing self-storage in Shenzhen. I am very happy storing my items at Locker Locker as it is very easy and convenient for me. Often I have items delivered to Shenzhen, but no one to receive the packages. Locker Locker helps me out by receiving my shipment and placing the items in my secured unit. I don’t have to worry about the safety of my items as the facilities at Locker Locker are very secure with many high quality security cameras and recording devices.

-M. Sherwood

Short Term Storage From Hong Kong to ShenZhen发布于 2013-10-28 15:00:00

Hello, I am happy to use Locker Locker self-storage as I live in Hong Kong and it is very convenient to keep my goods in a safe place as I travel back and forth from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. I can buy my products in Shenzhen and safely store them in my locker and can access them whenever I need to when I am back in Shenzhen.

-D. Wong

Personal Self-storage Warehouse发布于 2013-10-17 14:28:44

I was looking for somewhere in Shenzhen to store my goods. I travel a lot by have customers looking at my products. I can’t always be at my office. I found a self storage place in Shenzhen named Locker Locker. They have clean large facilities but the best part is they can help me while I am away. I have clients come to look at my sample products, and the staff at Locker Locker has help me out by opening my unit and showing my samples to my customers. This is very convenient for me and has saved me much money as I have gotten 2 new clients thanks to this service offered by Locker Locker. I can imagine many more people using this terrific service. Thanks to Lawrence for all his help and effort to help me out.

-Anthony B.

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