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Grant Shapps MP Opens New Self Storage Facility

The opening of The Self Storage Company in Welwyn Garden City will help to regenerate the area, said Welwyn Hatfield MPthe Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps, who performed the opening ceremony. “With the right business we can continue to grow out of the recession,” he continued.

By developing the site, The Self Storage Company has established a facility that has around 50,000 sq. ft. of selfstorage units that can be rented by domestic and business customers. This latest facility is the second to open less than12 months from the company’s launch and six months from opening its head office in Hatfield.

Speaking at the official ribbon cutting ceremony, Mr. Shappssaid: “In the current financial climate it is very encouraging to see expansion of businesses like The Self Storage Company.
It shows that with the right business approach we can continueto grow our way out of the recession. Of course, I am delighted that the company has chosen Welwyn Garden City,but what is really impressive is their commitment to thecommunity. The company’s support for such a worth while cause as The Soldiers’ Charity sets a positive example to other businesses. I’ve no doubt that this will lead to greater recognition for the charity in our area.”
  At the opening, The Self Storage Company showed its continuing support for the ABF, The Soldiers’ Charity, whose work is becoming increasingly important as more of our armed forces come back from theatres of war with serious injuries andits tireless work in supporting former soldiers and their familiesfrom the world wars.

Brigadier John Palmer said: “It is a great privilege to be invited to take part in this event and to have the chance to thank The Self Storage Company for its support. ABF, The Soldiers’Charity gives grants to help individuals and, although each grant may not be large, it does have a huge impact on the lives of the individuals involved. Calls for our support are increasing, and that is not going to change, we need to increase our funds for grants and the help of The Self Storage Company will make a real difference to those who need our assistance.”

The Self Storage Company’s CEO, Emil Sohrab, said: “I am delighted to be opening the second of our facilities and to report that we have exchanged contracts on another two, and are expecting a further three in the near future. Our growth allows our continued support for ABF, The Soldiers’ Charity.

Reship:2013 Self Storage Focus Volume 1

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