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Self-Storage Facility is Now Open in Shenzhen

NEW, Modern Self-Storage facility is now open inShenzhen, Guangdong , China.

Shenzhen, China- June 15, 2013

Locker Locker Self Storage has openedtheir doors to Shenzhen, China on June 14, 2013. Boasting a modest 147 units witha total space of over 1200 square meters, Locker Locker has brought the self-storagefacility standards to new levels in Shenzhen.

The site is conveniently located in theFutian district of Shenzhen which is centrally located. There is easy access tothe facility from all parts of town, and it is also equipped with brand new,specially allocated commercial grade lifts, to carry the largest and heaviest palletsno matter what the cargo may be.

Locker Locker is a proud member of theUK Self Storage Association and is quite evident in the construction and setupof their facilities. The premises are protected around the clock with topquality US Honeywell HD  (highdefinition) CCTV security cameras which are monitored and recorded 24hrs a day,7 days a week. Other added security features to this facility include 48different infa-red laser beams monitoring the perimeter and the tops of allunits inside the facility as well as motion detectors all throughout thepremises. Co-founder Charlotte Ellis talks about security saying “people demand their goods are safe andsecure, so we have installed the best, most modern security system that isavailable”.

Locker Locker has also importedspecialized commercial grade Panasonic air conditioning units to ensure theclimate and humidity is kept at a consistent, comfortable level to ensureanything stored there, will not be affected by the hot and humid Shenzhenweather. This is especially important to people who store sensitive items suchas heirlooms, collectables, organic based goods and especially wine. Ms. Ellisalso mentions “other similar facilitiesin Shenzhen don’t institute a proper climate controlled environment, which iscrucial to the goods that most people store in these types of facilities, andwe will surely provide it properly for them”.

Inside the storage area there are wide, clean,well light hallways, with easy access to any of the units. The size of theunits vary from 2.5 cubic meters up to 40 cubic meters, each with their ownprivate door access. Each unit is 2.5 meters in height which allows plenty ofstacking space or lots of room to fit tall objects. The floor area iscompletely tiled and kept very clean allowing the moving of goods in and outvery easy and fast.

Locker Locker has also conveniently providedclients with an on-site packing supply store, which is handy to purchase theproducts needed to make moving and storage much easier and more efficient.Boxes, packing tape, locks, furniture and mattress covers and many morenecessary items are available at reasonable prices right on location.Co-founder Lawrence Yam talks about the store saying “most people are very glad to have immediate access to all the suppliesthey may need for moving or storing their goods which we have right here forthem”.

Take a few minutes to check out thewebsite at www.chinaselfstorage.comor even better yet, stop by the new facility at…

4th Floor, Bldg#429, Ba Gua 3rd Road,

Ba Gua Ling, Futian District, Shenzhen

Ph. 0086-0755-8885 1234

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