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  • Day/Night Climate Controlled...

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  • DIY Self-storage...

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  • Perfect documents Storage facility!

LOCKER LOCKER self-storage facility takes great pride in providing you an exceptionally cost effective clean, safe and climate controlled “DIY "self storage for business and domestic customers, We are a proud member of the UK,US and Asia Self-Storage Association. Our advanced state of the art security system protected by US HONEYWELL and all of our units are equipped with 24hr climate controlled PANASONIC air conditioning system.....


    We are a proud member of the UK Self-Storage Association. Our advanced state of the art security system including fire and smoke alarms and intruder detection protected by US HONEYWELL will assure your goods will be safe and secure 24hrs a day/365 days a week , whether you are storing wines or business documents, all of our units are equipped with 24hr climate controlled PANASONIC air conditioning system, so your goods are protected from the hot and humid Shenzhen weather. You can access your storage free of charge 14 hours a day, 7 day a week. We have a wide variety of unit sizes that will fit any needs you require along with complimentary use of moving carts transport your belongings that will make loading and unloading easy. Our moving and packaging supplies store offers everything you need to make storage simple including boxes, locks,tape,furniture covers and even big black markers so that you know exactly what's in each box, we have also got protective bubble and foam wrap and painting or glass corner protection to offer. Please contact us for your personal and commercial storage...

  • Q: Are my things safe here?
    We are connected to police protection service and are monitored by 17 world famous US Honeywell security cameras placed in strategic locations. You are the only one with access to your unit, which is locked with a specifically designed lock owned by you. We also have coded electronic doors, smoke detectors and the fire alarms to protect your things.
  • Q: What is the minimum period I have to stay?
    The minimum period of rental is one week.
  • Q: How often and when can I access my space?
    You may enter your space as often and as frequently as you like, during our hours of operation, providing your account is up to date.
  • Q: Are my goods insured when stored with you?
    Your goods are automatically insured for RMB50,000.
  • Q: Can you accept deliveries?
    Yes we can accept deliveries for our customers. For a more detailed explanation of the conditions under which we accept deliveries and where and how they are cared for, please consult with our storage consultant.
  • Q: How big are your spaces?
    We have a variety of room sizes starting from 2.5 m3 to 40 m3.
  • Q: Are there any extra or hidden costs?
    Your quoted price includes your storage charge, utilities, maintenance and RMB50,000 of insurance. The only extra you need to provide is your own padlock.
  • Q: Can I move in today?
    Yes, a member of our staff will fill in our simple storage agreement with you, and then you can move your goods in straight away. You will need to bring with you a proof of identity (an ID card or a passport); proof of address (recent three months utility bill or bank statement); and payment.
  • Q: What are the methods of payment?
    We accept Union Pay, other major credit cards and bank debitcards as well as cash.
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